Organized Trash & Recycling Collection

In an effort to meet the Minnesota State Legislature’s mandated waste abatement goals, the City of Little Canada instituted an organized collection of refuse in 1989. Under organized collection, the city contracts with a specific hauler(s) for the collection of residential refuse and recyclables from all of our single-family homes and duplex dwellings. Each hauler is assigned to a specific area within the city for collection services. Residents are required to use the hauler that is assigned to their area for refuse and recycling collection services unless they qualify for an exemption.


2021 Recycling Calendar (PDF)
2021 Recycling Calendar (PDF) Mailer Version

Recyclable Items

Note: Multi-family dwellings and townhome associations are not covered under the organized collection program. Residents of these associations should contact their contracted hauler directly.

Contacting Your Hauler

No need to contact your hauler! All refuse/recycling inquiries should be directed to Little Canada City Center.

Holiday Pickup Delay

Pickup will always be one day late if New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, or Christmas Day fall on a Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. Haulers try to notify all of their customers about this change in advance.