Cost for Services

The City of Little Canada charges the same residential rates city-wide. Rates cannot be raised without prior approval from the City Council. Residents are charged according to the size of their trash containers.

Residents are allowed to make a change to the size of their trash cart once per year.  Contact the City of Little Canada at 651-766-4038 if you’d like to request a change.

Effective January 1, 2020, monthly rates are as follows:

Trash Cost

Trash Cart SizeMonthlyQuarterly
30 Gallon$9.99$29.97
60 Gallon$12.58$37.74
90 Gallon$15.75$47.25
120+ Gallon$18.74$56.22

Extra Trash

If you have more trash than will fit in your cart on a given week, you MUST call the City of Little Canada to schedule to have the additional trash bags picked up.  Residents are charged $2.00 per extra trash bag.

Recycling Costs


*Recycling cost includes an administration fee.

Yard Waste Costs (Optional) - 2020

Monthly (April - November*)QuarterlySeasonal
$7.75Varies by quarter$62.00

*Yard Waste does not get charged December - March.

Billing and service questions should be directed to the City of Little Canada at 651-766-4038. You should not have to call your hauler for anything.

  1. Colleen Schoenecker

    Utility Billing Clerk
    Phone: 651-766-4038