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Car Parade Drive-by Request Form

  1. Car Parade Drive-By Request Form

    The 2020 Canadian Days Committee would like to honor all of Little Canada's SENIORS by bringing our parade to their neighborhood. If you know of a graduating high school senior, college senior, or a senior citizen (65 and older) who would like to have our parade drive by their location on Saturday August 1 between 10:00 am and 11:00 am, please submit this form by July 13, 2020. The parade route will be limited due to the constraints of the vehicles in the parade (cul-de-sacs, tight corners, private roads, road construction, traffic lights, etc.). The parade route will be posted at by July 27, 2020. Note: Due to current health risks there will be no stopping, tossing of candy, or walkers in this parade.

  2. Due to route limitations, address must be in Little Canada between Interstate 694 and Highway 36

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