Medallion Hunt-2020

2020 Medallion Hunt Co-FindersThe Canadian Days medallion was found on Friday morning, July 31, by co-finders Ed Brodie and Steven Sanftner.   They found it at Spooner Park just into the woods beyond a bench by the new playground.  It was hidden in a log that had a cavity where the medallion was placed and filled in with black putty.  

When asked which clue sent them to Spooner Park, Ed said it was the clue about a boy named Ricky, would make things tricky for his millionaire father who loved to play Edward was his name, toys were his game and they rode that train every day.  It was a TV show he watched as a kid, “Silver Spoons”.   They thought the seeking relief as you pull in the lot clue was the port-a-potty at Spooner Park; lots of tots and keeping it simple was the elementary school; and the slingshot was the paved trails.  

Steven has found the medallion before, but this was the first time for Ed.  He wants to thank Canadian Days for allowing this hunt during these unprecedented times.  He looks forward to our hunt every year and was so happy to have finally found it.  

Here are all the clues with explanations:

Clue 1

The rules have changed, in this treasure game
COVID is still ruling the day
Public property in town, is where to look around
Social distancing is still the way

Spooner park has typically been off limits but was not this year due to the virus. Social distancing is a vague reference to Little Canada Elementary.

Clue 2

80 is a number in this game
You’ll have to think hard, it’s not quite the same
Close your eyes and listen close
The nearby sounds will tell you the most
As you walk around, look at the ground
Our treasure is hidden well
Remember it took a lot of tots
To fire our twelve hundred foot slingshot.

This potentially difficult stanza references 35E   3+5=8  (Not quite the same) and E is 80. 35E runs very near the treasure site. The treasure is hidden approximately 1200 feet from the apex of a kink in the sidewalk that resembles a slingshot between the parking lot and playground at the elementary school.

Clue 3

The truth of the matter is your wallet is fatter
If you think about keeping things simple
The name of the game is always the same
Keep your search confined to this city
A persona to look for
Two separate parcels to score
Owned by different entities
Search either as you please

The truth is a vague reference to Eli (lie) St, and keeping things simple and the name of game being the same is in reference to the name Little Canada Elementary school. “Persona to look” anagrams to “look at spooner” and the rest references the two parcels of land in the area, the school that is owned by the school district and the park that is owned by the city.

Clue 4

Relief will come as you pull in the lot
Stay off the fields if you want to get hot
Sports are abound near our location
You’ll want to enjoy a shady vacation
A boy named Ricky, would make things tricky
For his millionaire father who loved to play
Edward was his name, toys were his game
And they rode that train every day.

Relief makes reference to the concrete leaf at the entrance of Spooner Park. The second stanza makes reference to the show Silver Spoons.

Clue 5

Do what you should and head into the woods
The treasure isn’t out in the grass
Wind around on the trail, if you don’t want to fail
It’s free so you won’t need a pass

References the woods the medallion is hidden in.

Clue 6

V is for victory! Take that path!
Around the apex you’ll have a blast!
East of the tots is where you should be
A totem pole stump is what you should see
It’s in a log you treasure hog!
Old and decrepit it lays on the ground
You will not need a stool you hunting fool!
To wedge into where the treasure sits around

Narrows down the area to east of the playground near the portion of the path that is shaped like a V.