Medallion Hunt Winners

Medallion Hunt TeamMedallion Hunt 2022 The medallion was found on Saturday, July 30 by Steven Sanftner. He was aided in the search by his son, Skylar, and Ed Brodie (and hunt team member Matt Littlefield, not present) who followed the clues that led them to the east side of Lake Gervais. He had registered his Canadian Days button, so he received the full $250 prize.

Steven commented: “All of us love the Canadian Days hunt, it is always one if the best hunts around. Tell the Clue Writer that he/she did a great job as always. Very good and clever clues this year. I made amazing fun memories with my son, and he was super excited to be there when we found it, so thank you all very much for the fun hunt!” 

2022 Clues with Explanations